Aug 13, 2020, our colleagues have been invited to be the speakers of special lecture, entitled “Soil Protection System” for Mochit Complex staffs. This lecture has been organized by the quality control unit of Sino-Thai Engineering & Construction Public Company Limited (STECON) to provide basic knowledge of underground and excavation work.

The first part of the lecture was presented by Mr. Visanu Vivatanaprasert, our managing director. He firstly introduced the background of the company and service. Our experience in soil protection system was shared via highlighted projects. After that, Mr. Nirundorn Nata, technical manager lectured on elementary theory and design. In this part, audience would learn the composition of soil protection system and also how to design the members. For practical purpose, precautions and prevention methods were illustrated by Dr. Siriwan Waichita using case studies and also reflected in the current project (Mochit Complex). Lastly, an overview of soil protection system for Mochit Complex was presented to the audience which included consultant team. We committed to deliver high-quality work with prioritized safety as always.